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Chapter 1

Julia Mizuki. Are you really going back to Japan? You can attend school here in the US….
Mizuki No, Julia! I already had hard time for persuading my father. And I already handed in the application.
Julia Oh, you are worrying about a guy.
Mizuki Yeah, I finally found out about him.
Julia Can I ask you something? Why you had haircut?
Mizuki Damn. I'm late for school! Oh, I'm sorry.
Guy Sound like a girl.
Mizuki I'm sorry. I was late because of airplane….!! The reason why I had haircut was I'm going to a boy's school.
Teacher He's Mr. Ashiya, transferred student. You didn't carry a bag?
Izumi Here it is.
Mizuki Sano Izumi-kun!! I already met him this morning…! He's in this class..!? Oh, I'm so lucky!! Well, I came to this school, because I wanted to meet him.
Mizuki He's really my idol, and he's Jr. school champion of high jump!! When I came back to Japan last time, I found him. It was 3 years ago. No, he can't. The bar is so high. I've never seen such beautiful jump.
Mizuki I asked about him to TV station. I bought Japanese newspaper, and I had to work to afford the fee. Moreover, I had to persuade my father many times!!
Teacher Well, he had been in the US for long time. I want you all to help him.
Mizuki When I was upset, his words encouraged me. 'Your effort will be rewarded fully, someday'. He's just over there! He must be really honest guy.
Mizuki Sano-kun. I love you. Can you make friend with me. Did I say something wrong? Well, Sano-kun?
Izumi Sorry, I don't have such preference. …
Mizuki Hey, no I didn't mean….
Mizuki What am I doing…! What was wrong…. But, I won't give up!
Student What the hell is he doing.
Mizuki I'll make friend with him!!
Nakatsu You are funny guy.
Nakatsu I'm Nakatsu Shuichi.
Mizuki Blond hair..!!
Nakatsu I'm fastest guy in soccer team.
Mizuki Huh…
Nakatsu Come on, speak loud! I entered the school, because of soccer. Do you play anything?
Mizuki I'm on track and field…. Private school Oosaka is famous for sports.
Nakatsu Well, Izumi passed normal exam for entrance, too. I heard you came back from the states!!
Nakatsu How's American girl?
Mizuki I have no idea… Why…? Hey, don't ask such question to a girl.
Nakatsu I see. You are also a virgin. It's really important for young guys, right?
Doctor What the hell are you talking about.
Nakatsu You, bastard!!
Nakatsu Because he could use the room alone, he didn't welcome.
Mizuki I'm happy to share the room with him, but…
Nakatsu Hey, Yujiro!!
Mizuki What's going on…
Nakatsu So strange. He doesn't take to guys easily. But, take to girls easily.
Nakatsu Yeah, you may look like a girl.
Mizuki He found it out…!?
Nakatsu If you are a girl, it's just damn joke.
Mizuki He found out!? So tired…. I have to dispel his misunderstanding. Well, I didn't mean that.
Mizuki But, I really wanted to make friend with you. I really yearned for your jump. I thought you entered the school with normal exam?
Izumi Yeah, I don't play high jump any more.
Mizuki How come!?
Izumi Hey, do I need your permission for anything.
Mizuki He's so cold… Give me a break!!
Nanba Oh, you are Ashiya Mizuki?
Mizuki Yeah?
Nanba I'm the leader of the dome. I've got to explain many things. Well, you are so pretty.
Nanba You are going to have a meal? I'll take you there. Oh, do not use shower after midnight. You can take dinner from 6 to 9.
Mizuki Well, who is he?
Nanba Look at that. Hey, you've got to worry about copyright.
Nanba Don't worry about it. We don't have so much fanny stuff here.
Mizuki I'd better take care.
Nakatsu Mizuki. What are you doing. I came to your room for dinner.
Nanba See ya.
Nakatsu What are you doing with him?
Mizuki He explained about the rule.
Nakatsu Take care, he's just a pervert.
Mizuki Somebody is over there. Nakatsu, I'll be there soon.
Mizuki Sano Izumi…! He's sleeping….. Idiot, I really love your jump.
Mizuki Oh, he is… What's going on..
Izumi Just Yujiro was here. What the hell are you doing here?
Mizuki I just worried that you'd catch cold… I'd better wake you up, but you looked so comfortable…
Izumi I don't understand? You are so strange.
Mizuki But, you leaned on me. He blushed. You also tailed in your sleep.
Izumi Shut up. Well, I'll go back, or I'll catch cold, really.
Mizuki Why he quit high jump…..
Izumi Strong wind. What?
Mizuki Nothing….
Teacher Fall in!! I'll keep a record of 100M!!
Mizuki Why I couldn't ask him.
Nakatsu Mizuki. Why you blushed.
Mizuki No way.
Teacher He's fast….
Mizuki Won't he jump any more….
Mizuki I wanna watch, again.
Teacher Nakatsu, look at this. His time is fastest in the school!
Student Ashiya Mizuki!!
Teacher Sorry, I talked about your time.
Mizuki Why, I don't wanna join any team.
Mizuki Oh, he is. He can sleep at anywhere.
Student Did you find him?
Mizuki What am I doing?
Student Did you see short guy?
Mizuki The guy ran away over there. Hey, they went away.
Mizuki Can't look into his eyes!!
Nakatsu Mizuki!
Mizuki Nakatsu?
Nakatsu Come over here. It's simple. Just PK match. I'm gonna challenge you!!
Mizuki No way. Why do I have to…
Nakatsu Mizuki…
Nakatsu Mizuki.. Mizuki.
Izumi I'll take him to the medical room, and you'll find a doctor.
Nakatsu No, I'll take him to….
Izumi You can run faster, and you can find the doctor soon.
Nakatsu Okay…!
Izumi Don't worry, just a brain concussion.
Izumi Why am I doing this.
Doctor Brain Concussion.
Nakatsu Oh, good. I really worried about you…
Doctor Nakatsu….
Doctor No visitors.
Nakatsu What the hell is that.
Doctor Well, you'll stand against school doctor.
Nakatsu Hey, Mizuki!?
Doctor Get he hell out. It's not café. Are you okay?
Mizuki Oh, Nakatsu's elbow….
Doctor You must be okay.
Mizuki Yes, thank you. I've got to get out of here…..
Doctor Then, can I ask you why a girl is in boy's school.

Chapter 2

Doctor Then, can I ask you why a girl is in boy's school.
Mizuki Oh, my god… He found it out!?
Izuni Excuse me. I brought your bag. Let's go back.
Mizuki Sano Izumi..! Good. Thanks..! I've got to get out of here….!
Doctor Ashiya. Hope to see you soon.
Mizuki Oh, my god. Oh, my god!! Just bluffing or what….
Mizuki No, he's a doctor, and he was so sure….!! I've got to do something… Before that, I shouldn't meet him…!!
Izuni Where are you going? You'd better cool your head with ice.
Mizuki Huh?
Izuni You hit your head.
Mizuki Really? Yeah. He brought me to medical room…. Why am I blushed…! He just brought me there!! Yeah, he just..
Mizuki Well, where's Nakatsu?
Izuni He came back here already with Yujiro. You are….. Never mind.
Nakatsu Mizuki. I'm really sorry.
Mizuki Don't worry. It wasn't your fault.
Nakatsu You are so nice guy! I hearted such best friend!!
Mizuki Are we best friends?
Nakatsu Good morning. Where's Izumi?
Mizuki He already went to a class. I've thought about it all through the night.
Mizuki I have to worry about the doctor! I really wanna stay in this school! Nobody can kick me out!! Until I watch his jump, again!!
Poster Scoop. Kinky student!?
Mizuki What's this. Somebody watched us….
Nakatsu Mizuki?
Mizuki Where is he going…
Izuni What the hell is that.
Nihonbashi Oh, you wanted to make it in secret….
Nihonbashi Your love one is from the states, he know how to love another guy…
Mizuki Fuck off. Oh, I hit really hard. Is that okay.
Doctor Good job.
Doctor You have good punch.
Mizuki Doctor Umeda!?
Doctor Stay calm, I won't do anything. Your fist is okay.
Mizuki I learned martial art before.
Doctor Good. I'm still waiting your answer.
Mizuki Sano-kun, let's go back…. He keeps away from me…. Why? We could talk naturally, yesterday…
Nakatsu What's wrong?
Mizuki Well, He doesn't want to talk to me.
Nakatsu Because of the picture?
Mizuki Maybe.
Nakatsu You share the room… Why is he so attractive for me!!
Nakatsu It must be Izumi. Is she his girlfriend. Hey, what's wrong!?
Nakatsu What am I doing.
Mizuki I don't worry about it. I don't care what he's doing. I just came here for taking Yujiro out for a walk.
Rika Izumi, please. I wanna see your jump, again…!
Izuni I'm not interested in it, any more.
Rika No way, You still love it. Because of the accident…
Mizuki Accident..!?
Izuni No!!
Rika If you didn't save me. If I didn't step of to the car, it wouldn't happen!
Izuni Rika!!
Izuni It's different matter. I can jump now, but I just don't want to do that. Ashiya…
Mizuki What are you doing, Yujiro. He loves to walk somewhere strange. See you later.
Mizuki Who is she. Is she his girlfriend. Accident. I didn't know that. Moreover, I didn't know about him at all…. Sano-kun...
Izuni What are you doing here.
Mizuki I'll just go back to my room… I should talk something… Well.
Izuni What?
Mizuki Damn, I don't know what to talk… Who is she…? She's so pretty…. Damn, it's so sensitive thing!
Izuni Rika? She's a friend.
Mizuki Friend? Just it? I wonder Yujiro really loves you.
Izuni Oh, yeah. I brought him here.
Izuni About 6 moths ago. An officer was trying to bring him to somewhere. Yujiro looked so sad. When I notice, I was with Yujiro, and asked about him to manager of the dome. I guess somebody abandoned him, and Yujiro still remember it. So, he never open his mind to anybody, except manager and I.
Mizuki I see…..
Mizuki He's so kind…. Well. Why did you keep away from me?
Izuni Because you are a gir…. No, I don't know.
Mizuki What?
Izuni Nothing. Just don't worry…!
Izuni Watch out.
Mizuki I might love him….
Izuni Hey, are you okay?
Mizuki Yeah.
Izuni Okay, let's go home.
Mizuki I really wanna be with him...
Mizuki I really think so.
Doctor So, you wanna talk about it.
Mizuki Yes. I wanted to meet a high-jumper. Because of him, I started track and field… I felt I found out his feeling. At the same time, I wanted to know more about him…! He said he quit, but I wanna play it with him someday.
Mizuki After I met him, I found out I want to know more about him. So, I won't go out from the school. I thought I should implore you about it. But, I won't. Even you bully me, I won't give up.
Doctor Interesting. If you tempted me as a girl, I would kick you out from here.
Doctor Ashiya, do as you wish. It's none of my business.
Mizuki Doctor…
Doctor Don't touch me.
Mizuki Well, how did you know I was a girl?
Doctor Because, I'm gay. Hey, it's discrimination. One side love. Interesting.
Mizuki Oh, you love someone?
Doctor Yeah.
Mizuki Who is he?
Doctor My friend in high school. He knew how I feel, but he always ignored me.
Mizuki Why you love such guy?
Doctor I don't know. Maybe, because I'm warped guy?
Mizuki I don't understand…. Anyway, I have nothing to worry now! She is…..
Rika You are…..

Chapter 3

Mizuki She was talking to Sano-kun…!
Rika You are…. Wait!
Rika You must be Ashiya Mizuki-kun? Izumi's roommate? I heard so. I'm his childhood friend, Yamashina Rika.
Mizuki Childhood friend... You aren't his girlfriend…!? Damn, I didn't mean so….!! What am I talking about!!
Rika No, I'm not his girlfriend.
Rika Just a childhood friend. When he was high-jumper, I was an assistant of the team. Actually, I loved him, though…
Mizuki She's same.. She also loves…
Rika Can I ask you something?
Mizuki Huh?
Rika Please tell him I will be waiting for you at the park, tomorrow.
Izumi You won't eat?
Mizuki I'm eating.
Izumi I don't know what you are worrying. Just take it easy!
Mizuki He worried about me…
Mizuki If so, I'm really happy…
Nakatsu How are you doing?
Mizuki I guess you asked it in class, already. Oh, you have peach juice. Can I? Thanks. Oh, his lips…!!
Sekime Good. Hey, give me a break.
Nakatsu We are gonna have a party tonight. You wanna join?
Mizuki Sorry, I can't. Why don't you ask to Sano-kun?
Nakatsu It's not good idea at all.
Sekime It's gonna be just a nightmare.
Mizuki Anything wrong…
Sekime When he got drunk, he kisses everybody.
Izumi What are you talking about.
Sekime You were here.
Mizuki I can't believe that. Oh, Sano-kun…
Izumi What.
Mizuki Your childhood friend will be waiting for you at the park, tomorrow.
Izumi She asked you to tell that to me..!?
Mizuki I just happened to meet her, today…
Izumi Just leave her alone.
Mizuki You'd better meet her. She's really worrying about you.
Izumi Damn, everybody is a busybody.
Mizuki I guess I don't want him to meet her. But, I know her feeling.
Doctor And you want me to comfort you. It’s not love counselor’s office!
Mizuki I wonder what they are talking about.
Doctor Okay, I'm gonna comfort you with my body.
Mizuki Give me a break.
Doctor Just kidding. I'm not interested in girls. If you worry so much, why did you tell that to him.
Mizuki I couldn't.
Doctor So, she's get him. Anyway, you wanted to see his jump, again. You can't do anything for that, and you don't need to worry. Just do what you can do.
Mizuki Do what I can do. What can I do….
Mizuki Sano Izumi…!? He met Rika-san…. Oh, I see…
Mizuki Yujiro wanted to walk around…
Izumi I met her.
Mizuki Good. Let's go home. I found out you still love jumping.
Mizuki Attention! I did it! I really love high-jumping!! Don't you think so, Sano-kun?
Izumi Okay, just leave me alone.
Sekime What's going on.
Nakatsu No idea.
Sekime But, Sano wasn’t fazed in the least….
Mizuki He's watching me. Yeah, I came here for this!! Hey, don't sleep while your eyes open!!
Nakatsu Mizuki, you are interested in Sano…
Doctor It must be jealous?
Doctor I was right….
Chicago Would you like more drink. I was so tired.
Guy Oh, I'm gonna massage your arms.
Nakatsu I don't feel anything even if I see him. I'm not gay!!
Nakatsu Mizuki, wake up or you'll catch cold. I've got to bring him to the bed…
Izumi Nakatsu?
Nakatsu I just need to borrow a note…
Izumi Note?
Izumi Hey, wake up. You can use shower. Nakatsu?
Nakatsu I must be a gay.
Mizuki He remembered high-jumping. He still loves it!
Izumi Excuse me. I left my watch there…. Pass it to me?
Mizuki Here, it is.
Izumi Thanks.
Mizuki Oh, my god!!
Izumi Is he a girl…. At least, she had to use curtain…
Izumi She's a blockhead sometimes…. But, it's hard to hate her.
Mizuki Is your watch okay?
Izumi Yeah..
Mizuki He didn't notice it…..
Izumi I'll get some sleep. I forgot about my watch...
Teacher Ashiya. Sano. Nakatsu. You are tardy!!
Narration 5 minutes later.
Teacher Even they late for class, they sleep in class, too.
Sekime What's wrong with you. Nakatsu will be late for class all the time, though.
Nakatsu What the hell is that. Idiot. I have something to worry.
Sekime I know it's not so important at all. Something about food?
Mizuki Nakatsu, anything wrong? Hey!? Don't gaze at me like that!!
Sekime What's going on.
Mizuki I have no idea.
Sekime Lunch time. Ashiya, you won't?
Mizuki I have things to do. See you later. It's hard time for a girl. I need to rest in medical room.
Mizuki Yamashina-san…
Rika I thought I could meet you at here. He listens to you anyhow, even he didn't want to meet me.
Mizuki I don't know…. If you wanna talk to him…
Rika No, I want to talk to you, today. I don't want you to disturb Izumi any more. I heard you disturb him a lot? Stop it!!
Rika He should start high-jump, again. If you disturb him, he won't do it forever!!
Mizuki No, I didn't..
Rika You don't understand anything. It's not Izumi, he has to win. He has to jump…!!
Mizuki You don't understand anything.
Mizuki Why he has to win? Why he has to jump? Even he won't jump, he's Izumi. What am I talking about. It's what I really wanted. But, I just love his jump.
Rika Give me a break…
Izumi I heard your voice. What are you doing here, Rika! Don't take it out on him!!
Rika I was talking for you…
Izumi I didn't ask you anything. The reason why I don't jump is that I couldn't stand against the pressure…!
Izumi You knew it, so don't disturb other person. Also, don't come here any more. You are no longer a manager of the team….! Let's go.
Mizuki Sano…
Mizuki Hey, let me go. Let me go! Why did you say that to her.
Izumi What's wrong.
Mizuki She was worrying about you. You were so cold…
Izumi So what…

Chapter 4

Mizuki Damn, what am I doing.
Manager Ashiya-kun, you've got a package from the states.
Mizuki From daddy.
Sekime Ashiya. You got something?
Mizuki I guess so.
Sekime You know, we are best friends, right.
Mizuki Well. Nakatsu?
Nakatsu Hey, Mizuki. My parents sent me something. I hope you like something sweet. He's so pretty..
Sekime What about ours?
Nakatsu What the hell is that.
Sekime Ashiya, why don't you open your package?
Mizuki I'm afraid my dad sent me something for girl…
Sekime American snacks.
Mizuki Go ahead. Good, he didn't sent anything bad.
Nakatsu You got letter, too? Here's something. Oh, beautiful blonde girl! Who is she?
Mizuki She's Julia.
Nakatsu Is she your girlfriend..!?
Mizuki No, she's my best friend.
Nakatsu Why did I feel jealous! I'm not gay!
Sekime What about this?
Mizuki From my brother. I have a hatch….!!
Letter To dear my sister.
Mizuki Wait!! Oh, god. My brother's joke…!! Idiot!
Nakatsu Sano, what's up. Where are you going?
Izumi I'll go out with Yujiro.
Julia How are you, Mizuki?
Julia I'm okay. How' your life in Japan? If you have any problem, just tell me. Remember, I'm your best friend.
Mizuki I guess I should go back to the states…. Another letter from Julia?
Julia This is the way which you chose. I believe you can do it!
Mizuki She's right. It's the way I wished. I came here to meet Sano-kun!! We'll be friends, again!! Here's back!!
Mizuki Sano, what's up! You walked so much? Are you hungry?
Izumi Not at all.
Mizuki I won't give up.
Sekime He doesn't give up, yet.
Noe Yeah, he's so tough…! Sano is so stubborn.
Nakatsu Hey, they are quarreled!? I see.. Even he's in trouble, I couldn't help you! Sorry, I'm your best friend!!
Noe I wonder baseball or other teams gave him up.
Sekime Yeah, nobody can force him anything.
Nihonbashi Ashiya Mizuki, I won't forget it. I'm gonna revenge on you!!
Nanba What are you doing.
Nihonbashi Nanba, I'm gonna revenge on you, too..!
Nanba He's so pretty, as a guy.
Doctor What are you talking about.
Nanba Oh, uncle.
Doctor Call me Doctor, in school. You are interested in Ashiya?
Nanba I'm not gay, you know.
Mizuki 5 days passed. I tried anything, but I couldn't. I may have to give it up.
Mizuki What's up. Wanna go to dinner?
Izumi Already full.
Mizuki Wanna take a shower.
Izumi I will, later.
Mizuki It sounds like we are newlyweds…
Izumi Give me a break… What the hell are you talking about.
Izumi You don't know why I said that to Rika!?
Mizuki I just don't like such mood…
Nakatsu Mizuki, what's wrong!?
Mizuki Nakatsu… I argued, again.
Mizuki I'm always make him nervous… What..? Why am I crying…
Nakatsu I wanna hug him… What am I doing. If you wanna cry, just go ahead.
Mizuki Thank you.
Izumi Damn, what am I doing. I'm just an idiot….!
Mizuki Sorry, I'm little embarrassed.
Nakatsu Never mind.
Nakatsu If you have a problem, just tell me.
Mizuki Thank you. He's really good friend….
Izumi Take it. I don't like something sweet.
Nakatsu Hey, I've got to talk to you.
Mizuki I'm late for class. I couldn't wake up, this morning. Damn.
Nanba What's wrong?
Nanba You are also late for class? Red eyes, anything wrong?
Mizuki Nothing….
Nanba Just tell me?
Nakatsu What are you doing to Mizuki!
Izumi None of your business.
Nakatsu It's my business, too. I don't care I'm a gay or not. I don't wanna see his tears any more!!
Izumi You don't know anything about us. Just leave me alone.
Nakatsu What!!
Izumi What!?
Nakatsu Hey, Izumi!? Wait…
Izumi Idiot. What the perv is doing with her…!
Nihonbashi I know where they went. But, I won't tell that to you. I took the picture, and it must be on tomorrow's school newspaper….
Izumi Tell me.
Nihonbashi They are in meeting room.
Izumi Nakatsu, take care of him. He took Mizuki's naughty picture.
Nakatsu What?
Izumi What am I doing. Why do I have to worry about her so much….! Mizuki!!
Mizuki Sano…?
Izumi What are you doing.
Mizuki Just drinking coffee.
Nanba You don't need me any more. I'll make coffee for you, again. Don't bully our idol.
Izumi Ashiya, did I tell you why I quit high-jump?
Mizuki I don't think so…
Izumi The tournament was important for me. If I won, I could enter better high school. If I tried, I might avoid the accident. I felt huge pressure, and didn’t' want to attend the tournament. I ran away from it.
Izumi So, I think I should jump again….! I won't run away, again.
Mizuki Why did you tell that to me…? I guess you hate me…
Izumi No.
Izumi You are my fan, aren't you? Hey, don't cry.
Mizuki I'm so happy to hear that. The tears, it's really comfortable one, today.
Izumi Idiot….!
Mizuki Sano….!?
Izumi Just shut up, I don't have a handkerchief.
Mizuki But, why do you wan to try it again, so sudden? I tried to give it up many time.
Izumi I just want to do it seriously.
Mizuki You weren't serious before?
Izumi We'll late for another class. She's so thick-skinned girl.
Mizuki I believe we can have better relationship now.
Nakatsu I'll protect Mizuki's happiness!

Cage in Summer

Narration Someday in summer. Kaede came to Okazaki's house.
Mother Everybody, come down. Your second cousin, Kaede. He's going to stay here for a while.
Touko He's like an angel….
Kaede Hello. I'm Tojo Kaede. Nice to meet you all.
Mother She's oldest daughter Momoko, and she's youngest Sakurako, and she's second daughter Touko.
Touko Hello. My name is Touko. Like an angel, it was my first impression. His parents divorced, and while they negotiate parental authority, Kaede will stay in my house. He's polite and cleaver.
Kaede Momoko-cha, you are trouble in math? I can help you….
Kaede You are going to school, even in summer vacation?
Touko I'm gonna watch soccer game in school.
Kaede Sound good. My parents worried about my injury, and I couldn't play any sport…
Touko Like to come with me?
Kaede Can I!?
Touko More than anything else, I felt like I had brother.
Mayumi Who is he!?
Touko My second cousin, Tojo Kaede….
Mayumi Tojo? Your father is Tojo Corp.’s…?
Kaede Yes, do you know Tojo Corp?
Mayumi Sure, famous one. Oh, it's time.
Touko I didn't know that….
Touko Yasaka..!?
Yasaka Cheer me up!!
Touko Idiot…
Mayumi I bet he loves you.
Touko Wait a minute! You misunderstand something.
Mayumi Come on. You are a strong-minded, but timid for love stuff.
Touko I know….
Touko Sorry, you didn't need to attend the party.
Kaede No way, I enjoyed a lot. I haven't spend such good time for a while.
Touko Yeah, because of his parents' divorce, he was so frustrated…. Kaede-kun, are you comfortable being in my house?
Kaede Sure!
Touko You can stay here during whole summer vacation.
Kaede Thank you, Touko-san.
Touko Feel like I have nice brother.
Mother Touko, can you bring his student ID to him? He went to the library, and he'll need it.
Touko Why me?
Mother Momoko is with his boyfriend, and Sakurako went to second school. You must be free all the time.
Touko Oh, he's there.. Well…? He's not going to library?
Touko Where is he going… What's going on here!? Here, he is….
Touko What's that! What's that!!
Mother Did you meet Kaede-kun….
Touko I don't know! He's kissing…
Kaede Touko-san.
Touko Don't come in. Damn, I didn't lock the door….!
Kaede Oh, you hate me, now. I heard you came there for bringing my student ID? I didn't tell anything to your mom.
Touko It was just a put-on…!
Kaede Girls say so all the time.
Touko Don't speak of me in the same breath with your girls!
Kaede Excuse me, but you are a girl, anyway. Right?
Touko Don't bring smell of perfume.
Kaede I'll take a shower before enter the house, then.
Touko Don't do anything naughty on my sisters. Okay!?
Kaede Then, you'll take care of me.
Touko You are Jr. school student, don't smoke!!
Kaede You are nice. Nobody told that to me, before. Okay, I won't do anything on your sisters, but I need your help….
Touko What are you doing!
Kaede As hush money. I'm enjoying good boy, and it's better way for staying here. I'll stay here during whole summer, right.
Touko Who is like an angel!? He's just a devil!! Oh, it was my first kiss.
Touko Bastard!!
Kaede Uncle, would you like to play?
Father Oh, you can. I should have son, rather than daughters.
Touko What the hell is he doing. He's an idol of my family. Yeah, I'd better forget about it, and wait until he leaves the house. Just a month…!
Mother Kaede-kun, are you going out?
Touko Good, don't ever come back.
Kaede Yes, Touko-san will take me out! Right!
Touko You are… devil!!
Kaede Watched movie, ate meal, and walked around. It is just like dating.
Touko Dating..!? What are you talking about.
Kaede Well, I don't care.
Kaede Wait, I've got to tie my shoe.
Touko He looked so sad… Let's go. I thought he would cry.
Mother We are going to make a trip for a week. I worry about you three. Sakurako will stay in second school during that time…
Momoko Don't worry, we are no longer children. Don't you think so?
Touko Mid August, my parents went out of town, and my younger sister went to school trip. Sorry, was it too hot?
Kaede Do you really feel sorry?
Touko I do.
Kaede Then, lick my tongue.
Momoko I'm so hungry. Steak? Sound good. Oh, my god. I've got to go.
Touko Where are you going?
Momoko I'll go to Okinawa for 4 days.
Touko For what.
Momoko Don't worry.
Touko Wait a minute!!
Touko I'll spend time with Kaede for few days!! Don't let it get me down..! Hello. Hold on. Kaede, from your mother. Kaede?
Touko What did she say?
Kaede My father will obtain parental authority. Why you worry? It's not much matter. My mother wanted to be with me, but my father wanted his successor. I don't feel anything for that.
Touko Cold eyes. Same as that time.
Kaede Touko, wanna go out.
Touko No, I have to prepare dinner…. What's wrong. I can't watch his face.
Kaede Touko, you have phone call from Yasaka. He'd like to meet you at school ground.
Touko I'll be back soon.
Yasaka Thank you for the letter…!
Touko Huh…?
Yasaka I was happy to hear that. I love you, too!
Touko Wait…!
Yasaka Sorry, but I just wanted to tell you I also love you.
Touko Letter…? What is he talking about..?
Kaede Why did you refuse? You love him, don't you?
Touko Kaede..? Letter.. You did it?
Kaede I just wanna see how you react.
Touko I don't wanna see your face any more. What's this. What's in his mind.
Girl Kaede, long time no seen. What's up.
Kaede Don't touch me….
Girl Just kiss me, you don't need to sleep with me tonight.
Kaede I told you not to touch me.
Kaede You'd better turn on light.
Touko Where were you.
Kaede You said you didn't want to see my face….? So you don't need to worry whom I fucked?
Touko You know how I worried about you…
Kaede Worried? Really? Sound like you felt jealous.
Touko Damn….
Touko Why do I have to love you so much…!
Kaede Go for wool and come home shorn. I was just bored. I slept with many girls, but I've never loved… Can you believe? It is my first love. When I kissed you, I found out kiss is very important thing.
Touko I love his voice. I love his eyes. Kisses…
Touko So you placed me in a fix?
Kaede You won't go away from me any more.
Touko Don't let me go anywhere. Next morning, Kaede wasn't here.
Touko 2 years passed, and I'm preparing for collage exam.
Yasaka Did you take note of English class?
Touko Here, it is.
Yasaka Oh, you dumped a guy, again? You can't forget the guy, yet? Kaede? He wrote me a letter for teasing us..! I don't care about it, though…
Touko Yasaka is my good friend now.
Touko I had a call from Kaede's father, and he thanked us. I've never heard anything from Kaede.
Teacher Okazaki, can you bring new student to his class?
Touko New student…
Kaede You have longer hair, now, Touko.
Kaede Forget about me? Like you were watching a ghost.
Touko I thought you forgot about me.
Kaede I told you I wouldn't let you go anywhere?
Touko Kaede, somebody will watch us.
Kaede Don't worry. I spent 2 years for persuading my father.
Touko My mind is still in that summer.
Touko My mind is in the cage.

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Ein MangaScan!
Danke Danke! ^^

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