Love changes...... (shounen ai)

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ok , ich habe den ff etwas 'entschäft' ;)
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Titel:Love change_s ...everything

seleC presents ^^ :

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05/ 2002 (Änderungen v.09.02)

Pairing: Piccolo / Gohan

Serie:Dragon Ball (z) Universum -

Warning: AU , POV /
point of view, yaoi/nun eher shonen ai

Comments to the story: in this Alternative world, the evil demon Lord Piccolo is more like the young Piccolo jr. And Son Goku never fight against him.
He enslaved the people how survived his conquer of earth and he took Kami Sama’s hideout (palace) for himself. (after he had fight and catched Kami in the bottle)

Feedback: yes! please ?^^
- ist erwünscht.

NOTES: no beta - reader, .

>i like to write this in english, but it's not my native tounge , so i beg your pardon for the errors!<

Disclaimer: the dbz orginal charakter are not mine. I write this just for fun, no money making ,


Songtext (by alex):

Love Changes Everything
Love changes everything:
Hands and faces,
Earth and sky,
Love changes everything:
How you live and
How you die
Can make the summer fly,
Or a night
Seem like a lifetime.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everything:
Now I tremble
At your name.
Nothing in the
World will ever
Be the same.
Love changes everything:
Days are longer,
Words mean more.
Love changes everything:
Pain is deeper
Than before.

Will turn your world around,
And that world
Will last for ever.

Yes, Love,
Love changes everything,
Brings you glory,
Brings you shame.
Nothing in the
World will ever
Be the same.

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RE:Love changes...... (shounen ai)

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My Master keep a group of human for dutys and sometimes for his pleasure. Mostly he killed them, if they made him angry or fail to serve him, what happend often.
One day he found a wild boy how had survived in the mountains after his parents where dead. The Kid was surprisely strong, but without
A good teacher he had no chance . He led him alive and train him also, enough to let him serve in battles for troublemakers on earth and from other planets, who payed a visited
,beside of his 'sons' - his self-created demon-guards.
But not enough to overpower him, knowing that he may be dangerous for him one day.
Years went by and the Kid grown up to a handsome young man, with not leave my Masters attention too.
As an two-gender by himself , he took male lovers also, so he made him his slave . Too my surprise he survived it.
My Master seem to be pleased with him,(i never wanted to know) so the young thing became his favorite 'pet' .
IT was not more, i never regonized any (good) feelings from him. He was a typical Tyrann who took what he wanted
without a secound through .
My name is Popo. Once i was Kami Sama’s willingly servant, know i was only a slave - like all the others.
But the young man, Son Gohan.....


I can feel his presence, also when he’s hiting his Aura. His moves, figure, even his smell... is allways present. I was a little kid , when he catched me. I cryed and he beat the shit
out of me. I fight him but he was too strong.
The green big men with the evil grin and burning red eyes. A demon , yes.
I grow up as a servant and fighter , sometimes i hoped to be killed by an enemy. But 'lucky' i survived it all. And then...,one day,
I feel his eyes on me. I had became nearly as tall as he, but even as adult i was yet too weak to destroy him
. I know inside, that i could be stronger, but i can't train alone to the limit
and without his permission.
One day he began to touch me, and unexperice and pure, naive heart i was, don't know what was going on.
I know that at some nights something strange was going on in his rooms , i hear crys and sometimes screams, but that was hardly unusualy
for him. A nother being’s pain and live don't meant much for him.
Popo, how seems to like me and the only person with a heart around Demonlord Piccolo, tell me to ignore it and keep me away from it.
Really, i think, i must thank him for this.
When i had know...i swear i had killed myself , before Piccolo call me in his room one night.
He had his evil grin on his face as always, but in his eyes a kind of fire, i don’t see before.
He touch me , but this time all over my body and i was only confused and stiff like a rabbit in the fang of an snake.
And like a snake , his tounge taste my skin an i became alive again. I gasped as he travel over my chest and i began to resist and fight him off me.
Demonlord Piccolo never liked to be rejected and langhed after me, than i try to flee. We fight and i was nearly naked, embrased and a little bit in shock, so he overpowered me easyly.
He hit me to the ground and i nearly blanked out, but as i open my eyes he had catched my wrist in a iron grasp .

I struggle helplessly, and he was aware that i had lost. He grinned down at me and i known how much i hate this face.
Piccolo for himself, seem to be very happy with his little victory
He never really was a gentle being, but i could have hoped that my first time has to be a little less painfull.
. The pain vanised, but never really get away.
Piccolo, in his sick brain ,after training and fighting me ,liked to have his way with me, if he like it.


Gohan had became very strong over the years and i really
Would getting in trouble, but i never gave him a chance , . I don’t want to break him, i really like to fight him,
he is usefull.
And i like his body. All the weak humans before are easyly hurt or die, when i get a little rough
I also like his innocent look, he allways seems to have keep his boyishes features, even whenhe grown up.
I don’t like it, when he cry at night and also not eat so much as usualy , so i try to be more gentle , so it not destrube my concentration and he is more responsable also, i told myself.
I knew him now since he was a kid and it would be a pitty, if i was tired of him one day.
This night i for once began to kiss him and he moans softly, so i really kiss him.
He liked it, i can tell. As i break the kiss and look at him , his cheeks are flushed and the look shy, like the first time i touched him. Then, he shut his eyes and seeme to be embrased with himself, but i kissed him againover his swollen lips.
He struggle weakly, but not really fight me, .
For once, his pleasure was also mine.
In the next days, Gohan eat more again.
After that , i had an other, more important problem to solve.
My demon Sons wear all killed in the last battle with an outworld enemy and never nearly as strong as i or Gohan. I really need a stronger Son and Fighter, if a other enemy will came and hoped to destroy me.
The possible resolve of my problem came to me, as i had a really hard training fight with Gohan.
A kid with his genes must be strong, but it was also a risk.
But a risk i must take. And i had handle his -soon-to-be ‘father’ also and it would be my kid too.


I saw piccolos gaze, and don’t really known what was going on
again, but i know that it was no good sign.
At the past times he was surprisely gentle to me, and i was ashamed of my body reactions.
I think it was one of his evil tricks, for his amusements of course.
I was tired and sweaty from the fight and i ignore him as we landed on the ground in the room of time and space.*
I went to the shower and feel his burning gaze in the back.
As i reach the house-part of the endless ‘room’ , i feel his hand on my shoulder. ‘You dont need to shower yet.’ He told me. Piccolo grined again and my stomach twistes in knots.I was sure , that i would knew soon, what he had in mind.
He was very gently and to my shame i like what he did. But he never said he loved me. Then he peted me like a good dog and kissed my cheek.
I close my eyes and fall in an deep slummer.

In the next time Piccolo was very busy and not call me in his bedroom.
Not that i misted him, but i wonder. Especially as he stopped the training and even hide from me.
Popo whispered to me , that he through that piccolo maybe was sick,
And i can’t deny that i hoped it was true.
One day i don’t feel his aura and search for him, but he was not in the palace or on earth, and i found that the room of time and space* was closed.
The next morning, i feel piccolos Aura again. He must had leave the room shortly and i spy after him.
Now i regconised* a nother aura, but i was not sure about it. Piccolo came out of a room and closed it, than he looked around , (i had deleted my aura, of course)
And walked away. He don’t looked so ill anymore, but it was hard to tell by his skin...

I was curious about the other aura i had fell, and the shut door, he had leave. The next day he caughted me as i was near the room again and he warned me ,not ever came near it again.
His words follow a few hard punches and kicks , so i crush trough a wall and landed outside, and was sure than, that he was not sick or weak anymore.


It was a long and painfull birth, but it was an unusually baby, because of his different ‘fathers’.
It really was a baby, as at leave my eeg, weak, helpless and grow very slowly, not like my other ‘Son’s. His skin was green and he had my antenneas,
Without them, i was’nt sure if it be my Son also.
He had so much from Gohan...
The human body, the eyes...i may be not very surprised if it had a tail like Gohan when he was a kid, but he had none.
The formost was , that he cry as often as his other father, not like me.
It was very hard to keep him quiet as i leave the room of time and space* ,
Gohan must have notice something .
I don’t known how he will react to it, and he will knew it soon enough. The potential in the little one was evident and i want to grow him up strong and with a hard, consequent training.
Gohan was only a negative influence.


I had a restless sleep and woke up , sure too hear a soft cry far away. The mysterious room never leave my mind, and my throughs went in circles, as i hoped to make out what Piccolo may hide in it.
The next day i speak with Popo again, and told him, that i want to go in the room for all cost, and he became my helper,
He said that he will keep Piccolo busy , so that i can sneak in. He had a general key for all rooms in kami’s palace, what the Demonlord not know.
I thank him and he only says it is nothing, he only hoped he could do more.
In the evening Poppo gave me a sign and went to Piccolos room,
And i quickly left to the shuted door.
As quiet as possible i go inside.

The room was dark , left with the light of the moonlight that shine throw the small window. In the middle of the room was a small bed, and in it i make out a form . I feel the unuasually aura again, and then i saw what seem to be a little baby version of piccolo. It has a thump in his mouth as it sleeps, and i must admite it was sweet.
As if became aware of my presence it slowly opened his eyes and i catch my breath.
The little picccolo had my eyes. With these , he looked at me , not afraid, but nearly as shocked as i in the moment, it seems.
Slowly, tears began to build and i lost my starre and only through about how i keep it quite. I whisper softly and he listen too me, and then his small hands reach for me. I dont know, but than it was in my arms and lucky for me, quiet.
I took a closer look in the dim light and saw that it was a boy , and at the secound look he really had more similars with me.
I dont now what to think about this at that time, and the small creature smile at me, not an evil grin like his father, a true, innocent one.

I lay the boy down again and prepare to leave quickly, as i feel piccolos Aura nearby. I could only hide in a dark corner of the room and hoped that boy will not betray me.
His eyes follow me , of course, but than the door open and his attention was off me.
‘Awake again , little pain in my neck* ?’ Piccolo whisper quietly, and the boy looked at him with great glowing eye.
He don’t smile, as piccolo put him in his arms and gave him a bottle with milk i think. I never saw piccolo eat something, So i was sure know. I feel a deep anger began to rise inside of me, but i keep me as calm as possible.
After he left again , i go out quietly with one short look at the sleeping boy again.

I made it too my room and than break a table in my rage. How dare he! Nothing what he had done before...
As i can think clear again, i feel used like never before, and very sad, not for myself, but for the little thing with the innosenced smile.
I can’t sleep better than , but i know that i must go to ‘my’ son again soon. I don’t really thing of him of my kid,
But it was a awefull through, that it became a monster like piccolos other ‘Sons .

I sneak in the room as often as possible, and the boy knew me than and don’t start to cry, and he grow very fast.
A couple off days later he was on his feet and began to walk and speak.
He also not need milk anymore, and i brought something from my meal , and he eat with raising appetite.
He call me daddy, and i let him, but feel nothing.
I don’t now how he call piccolo.
Piccolo had started to sleep with me again, surely because the boy don’t need so much attention anymore.
I think he can’t keep him much longer in the small room.
A week later i can’ find piccolo or the boy again.
Than, i feel there auras on earth, near the mountains he had caughted me long time ago.
I know that he becan to train the kid, and it frightens me.
I remember his training lessons as kid well, and it was not a happy memory.
I was nervouse* like hell , and Mr.Popo try to calm me , and said that even Piccolo had change over the years, and i laugh bitter at him. But he said it is true, because of me.
I don’t know. It was only true for me that i ever learn a n other fascade of his cruelty over the years.
Late in the evening they came back from earth. I was a little afraid as i sneak to the boys room this night, unsure what i may find.
I found the kid , now nearly as big as an eight years old human, sleeping soundlessly and deep in his greater bed.
I dont see any big bruises , scars or blood on him, and relax a little.
Maybe Piccolo seems not to start the training yet.
Only let the kid ‘out’ for now.
I was not aware of the burning eyes , how watched me out of the dark ,hiding far in the room, after i shout the door quietly and went to my bedroom again.
I only now that something was wrong, as piccolo came to my room the next evening , groal and thow me on the bed and use me like i was some piece of meat . after it he rush out of the room without any word.
As i slowly came to my sense again, i had the crazy feeling, that something desperated was on him , beside his brutal act.
After it, he left the room of the kid open, and i saw the boy next morning walking around and look all over the palace. I only watched him out of my window.
I was to hurt to go out and piccolo don’t call me that day.


I lost my nerve as i catch Gohan sneaking in the boys room that evening.
It was the first day i took the boy to earth for training.
It was late enough for my taste. He don’t liked to be keeped in the room anymore and cryed at me to get out. I said that he would soon, and his eyes sparkle for excitement*.
I don’t like to look in his beautifull eyes. I through that i get to weak than.
Forget to tread him so hard as i had planned. And then...i took him to the mountains.
I liked this place on earth near a waterfall, for undistrubed meditation.
The boy grinned as we landed, and i through about, that his first lesson would be to learn how to fly by himself.
But the kids seem to have other plans and run to a field full off wildflowers. He laugh and was happyly picking some flowers,
And i grind my teeath by the lovely picture. The kid had diffinetly to much Gohan-Gene.
He came back to me and asked me what this beautifull things are,
And i snore that i don’t had come here to teach him botanik.
His eyes began to water again and i started to hit him , but i couldn’t. The boy sniffeld and looked afraid up as he saw my movement , but i only lay my hand on his shoulder. ‘Stop crying. Your not a baby anymore !’
‘Your are anry with me ‘ he sobbed.
‘Only if you act like,,,a weakling.’ I said more softly.
I even whiped the tears from his cheeks. I feeled miserable.
‘Do you want to learn who to fly ?’
His eyes light up again. He really smiled at me for the first time.
Nearly half of the day went by with fly-training, he learned quickly, but then, he only want to play around and i let him. He was busy picking his flowers in the middle of flying and i meditate
Near the waterfull to calm my raising temper. I known that my controll was at the limit.
Tommorow the boy will have his first fight lesson.
Near darkness the boy was very tired and i call him that we fly home now. He rubbed his eyes and fight to stay in the air , so i hold him and he snuggled in my arms and smiled at me again.
I snore under my breath and then he told me that he had so much fun this day and why the other daddy had not came with us.
I now than that Gohan was in his room , against my will.
I said nothing as we fly ‘home’ , i dont know how i managed not to blow something on the way.
Later i wait for Gohan , the boy was already asleep as he arrived.
His face was full of sorrow for the boy and he checked him over for some sign of harm.
I know i was right. It was enough that the kid had allready to much features from him, and now his influence from the begin. No wonder he had only human-kid things like picking flowers and playing in his mind.
My hardly keeped controll slipped the next evening, as i went to Gohan’s room to speak with him, and let him pay for his betray
,of course.
I hardly nemember what really happened then, but i really recread* it later.
I know that i had some feelings for Gohan, that i even denied for myself, because they would made me weak.
And it was also the reason i never showed them to him.
But i think it was too late allready now.
It was my only pity this time , that i don’t blow Popo up for his little ‘help’ for Gohan with the general key.
In the morning i let the boy out of the room and he looked liked like a puppy who was let out again in the big wide world.
After he had made his tour around the palace , he came to me and asked me if we will fly again to earth. He smiled as he waited for my answer an i know, why i could not resist this little one.
The reason was because of his ‘Gohan’ like features,
I pridant* to hate so much.


The next days went by, Piccolo take the boy to earth and Gohan leave his room again, and both seemed to have and aura of deep sadness around them. The only all around happy being was the fast growing kid , that looked like a Piccolo with a once pure heart of Gohan.
I knew for sure, that Piccolo had changed much inside , because he not killed me , as he had found out about the general key.
Before i became his servant, he warned me , to never betray his trust and forget my loyalaty, ever, if i would not like to die a long and painfull dead.
I think that it was the betrayment of his trust , why he had became so angry with Gohan, but i was sure , that he will never kill him. But he had hurt him badly.


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Piccolo leave me alone for now and focus all of his attention on the boy. But ‘the kid’ was already taller then me, looking like an teenager.
I don’t know what he did with him, but i saw him only run or fly around and played like an over-grown child with to much energy.
I walk to the kitchen to get some food, as he wraped his arms around me from behind and gave me nearly a heart attack. He seemed to have learned to delete his aura, i knew then.
He dont let got of me and begun to plapper like a waterfall, about missimg me and why i dont come to him anymore , when i will come with him and the other daddy to earth and so on..
I free myself from him roughly and turned away,
He seemed to be upset with my reaction and ask me if i don’t like him anymore. I was surprised, like before he started to train with piccolo, he was acting like a child and how easy it was for me to free myself from his strong embrace.
Maybe it was a clever new startegie he had learned from piccolo, to trick an enemy, i through.
But as he looked very sadly and nearly crying, i was not sure about it. I said than, of course not, and i really feel it this time.
He smiled and asked me again about comeing to earth with his ‘other daddy’ and i asked him than, what they do all the time.
He told me about it and it dont sound like a ‘typical’ training with the demonlord. More like an picnic near a waterfall with - picking flowers while flying ? I shock my head. That can’t be true. Liked i had in mind first as i came here, i get some food and the flowerkid willingly helped me to tilt it with great appetite.
After nearly no food was leave in the kitchen anymore, Piccolo came inn to, looking for him. He seemed to be mildly surprised to find us both , sitting toghter* on the kitchentable , as if it was the allways so. I turned very stiff, but dont let my true feelings show more, and he gave me a funny look, but also keeped his mask in place. The Kid turned around and ran to him as quickly as his full stomach allowed it. The szene was the perfect picture of a little famly, how ’s parents dont like each other anymore, but they had a silence pact , not to show it in front of there child.
The child told piccolo that i had promised him that i would come to earth with them next time, and i couldn’t resist to say that i really nearly cant wait for it.
Piccolo gazed sharply at me but only said :’Okay..’
And leaved the room , the child was very pleased with himself , and fully misted the tension between his ‘daddys’.
I was not afraid of piccolo’s possible reaction anymore,
But hardly could see him picking flowers with his ‘baby’..


It was nearly unbearable to see the hatred in Gohan’s eyes, as he had looked at me. It seemed to be the only impulse for him now to survive. And mine was our Son, who loved both of us without any secound through. Gohan had said that he will come with us to earth, because he think that i should be ashamed , that i had not trained the boy as i had planned to do. Maybe hoped to crush my pride, but i had lost it already , as i was aware of my feelings for him.
Than, when we where on earth , he told me right in the face
that ‘my Son’ was a weakling, how only had learned to pick flowers .
I think some time ago i simply had break his neck for this words, but now i think i would allways hear his laughing after it, and slowly would makeing me die, getting crazy before.
Instead i surprised him and said that he may be right,
And if he could be a better teacher for him.
I nearly laugh aload, because of his look, like i was a stranger with the face of his greatest nemesis.
He said that he never will understand my sick humor,
And started to floud away from me, but i catched his arm before.
‘ it was no joke, i was perfectly serious.’
He snaped his arm away and i let him.
‘You want that i became his teacher ? Do you really want that i teach the brat what i had learned from you ? ‘ he spat at me.
‘I would teach him a leasson of an live full of pain and humiliation, an endless torture, how to use someone only for his pleasure,
Even steal his seed to created a little monster how hopefully will kill his master one day...’
He left and did not see the first tears, running down my cheeks in my long live. And i knew , i deserved this kind of pain, and more.


I had catch a really big fish in the river and wanted to show my fang* to my daddys, but i dont find them at the last place where they had been.
Disappointed i forget about the fish, put him back in the water and began my search for a Aura, like i had learned it.
I only found one of them, on the top of an mountain nearby.
Piccolo looked very stiff and as i came closer i saw tears in his eyes and he had clintched* his fists on the side of the body, slowly drawing green blood.
He was getting very furious as he saw me; and before i could land near him he scream to stay back from him and call me uesless thing and other names.
I stopped short and looked down at him and as i dont hear
, he even shot an eneryblast in the air in my direction, but lucky for me, i had became very fast and it don’t hit me.
Shocked and confused i fly away.
After i had recovered a little, i search for the other dad,
And make out that he was on the way back home .
Gohan don’t fly very quickly, so i managed to reach him in time.
He also was not in a really good mood , but he did not attack me.
As he stopped and listen to me , i told him what had happend.
He asked me again if i was sure about Piccolo crying.
I nodded and he was laughing aload in a bitter tone and sayed, this may be an really unusually picture.


'I don't understand it. Is it my fault ?' . Gohan looked at me more calmly. 'No...its not your fault.' He whispered softly.
We both turned our heads simultane as we saw flash's and feeled shockwaves coming from earth. Gohan raised a brow when i looked surprised at him. 'It seemed that Piccolo had fall back in is old routine...'
He flow up again and i follow him.
We reached the palace and the black skined man was allready waiting for us.
' What happend ?' He asked Gohan. 'As usually...Piccolo let his anger out on things that can't fight back.' He snore.
I stand beside them, unsure what do to. 'I hope he dont destroy the whole planet...' Gohan gazed at me. 'I dont believe it. He need a trainingground into future. Only blow' some rocks to calm down his temper....'
He get away , let us staying there. I want to follow him, but the man daddy Piccolo called Mr. Popo hold me back. He brought me to my room, where i lay down on the bed and cryed myself into sleep. I feeled awfull.
I wake up as i feel daddy Piccolos Aura near again. I open the door and saw him went to his rooms. He looked very tired, his shoulders hanging. I had want to go to him , but i feared also that he will attack me again. I catched a nother familiar presence and than i saw daddy Gohan behind a wall , watching Piccolo too. Piccolo shut the door with a load smash and Gohan turned away. I looked at both there directions and silendly shut the door again.
I was not so shocked anymore, but confused. Besite my daddy's acting and hard words i allways feeled that they like each other.
I love them both and it made me sick to see them so. And I feel sick. There was a sharp pain in my chest. My left arm hurt too.
Slowly i made it to my bed as darkness sorround me.


I wake up as I hear Mr. Popo's call. I leave my room and saw him and Piccolo go to the boys room. Something was wrong, i feel it allready.
Piccolo gazed in my direction and i thing he saw me.
If i dont now it better, i think he looked ' greener as usually.
I through about what to do. I remember the shocked and helpless look of the boy , so much like me when i was a child.
As i had said, it was not his fault...
I found myself before his door and get in.
Mr. Popo and Piccolo where standing before the boys bed.
' I had made him breakfast and want to wake him up, but he dont response. I shake him, but he dont open his eyes...'
Popo was checking the boys pulse. 'Is he dead?' Piccolo asked.
I hold my breath. As long as i knew him, i was shocked by his emotionless tone. Popo looked up. ,No. Weak pulse..like his ki. but i dont know how long...' Piccolo had turned already and was walking toward my direction , out of the room. He passed me as if i was air.
'Where are you going ?' I scream as he reach the door. He froze but dont looked at me. ;There is nothing to do anymore..' He whispered.
;Nothing..to do ??' I could feel that the boy was slowly dieing.
,Your cruel bastard!' I screamed . 'After all, it is your son ! And you don't even give it a secound throuht?'
Piccolo looked at me and the pain in his eyes calmed me down a little.
,Yourself call him a monster. I wanted to created a brutal, mighty fighter under my control. I took from you, what i need. And what for ? Nothing. Did'nt you also thing is a fair prize for my crimes? '
,A fair prize ?' I through. I want to laugh or cry, or both.
He catched his cape quickly and leave the room.
I starred at the shut door for some time, as Popo began;He..' I get to the bed and looked down at the boy. 'I will do something! I even try...' I said more to myself and take him in my arms. He was big, but not very heavy. I saw the question in Popos eyes.
'I will bring in down to earth, to the capital. I hope Piccolo had not blow up the hospital...' 'Do you think the people will help Piccolos son ? ' he asked .
,I remember a doctor, when i was very little, my mom brought me to her. She was very nice and help all people , rich or poor, i think she will help him. ' i told Popo.

As soon as i was outside, i powered up to fly faster , not to lost more time.
The destruction on earth was heavy, but lucky more on the landscape. The Capital was the only city that was nearly re-built like before Piccolo had conquered earth.
Not all buildings where intact, but the hospital.
I floud directly throw a window after powering down , but the secretary and a nurse became a real schock.
'Where is Doctor ...' I asked the nurse, and try to remember her name. The body in my arms very only weakly breathing now.
'...she had blue-velvet hair...' , Doctor Bulma Briefs ?' The secretary said, as the nurse looked in horror at the green-skined boy with antennas in my arms.
She told me also where i can find her.
She was on the secound floor, but i took the stairs , not the window this time.
Many patient where waiting before her office and she was very busy and not very happy to see me, but as i told her that it was an emerceny , she imeditly checked on the boy.
;It's really pretty serious.I dont know if..' She said. 'Please try doc!' I nearly cry disaperely.
She looked up. ,Ok...'
DR.Briefs let me take him to an extra building, that looked more like an laboratory.
She says that she is not familar with the boys bio.,
But she had some modern maschines and life- support left from her dad , how could possibly help.
She put him on many of them , and injections. 'His system is stabil now and he get enough air, but his heart-frequenz is to slow ..' She told me to wait outside now, to make more diagnoses. Some nurse came in as i leave .
When i was waiting i asked myself, why i care so much about his life.
Only because i had a heart instead of Piccolo ? How looked even like him and i had called a monster ? I remember the pain in piccolos eyes and his acting.
The 'old' Piccolo i knew would be only angry cause' his failure and dont worry much more.
My throughts and feelings where in whirl as the secounds slowly past by. Than i hear some screams outside and looked out of a window to see what was going on. Before the building was Piccolo standing and looking around.


Piccolo was searching for Gohan and the boy, as Gohan came out of the building.
‘What do you want here ?’ He asked Piccolo.
‘Where is he ?’ His voice and face was contolled and cool again.
‘Dr, Briefs is helping him. Maybe he had a chance..’
Piccolo shaked is head. ‘These earthlings can’t help him. I don’t let my son in the hands of-’
‘Your son ? That’s a bad yoke.’ Gohan smiles bitter.
Piccolo was now standing before Gohan. ,
‘I am perfect serious. And now get out of my way!’
He says in a commanding tone.
The young man freezed and looked down.
Piccolo ignored him and went to the building, but...
‘No!...you-will-not-touch-him!’ He whisperd dangerously .
The ground began to shake as a deep emotion was breaking out of him. A n uncontrolled power was breaking out.
Piccolo watched surprised, as the earth broke open between his legs and a field of pure energy was created.
Gohan seems to glowing.
,So..this is his true power !?’ He throught shocked, starring fascinates at the transformation .
Gohan turned to him, the blond-glowing hair standing up, and small eyes full of hatred.
Piccolo not even had the time to fear, as Gohan growled like a beast and start the attack.


‘An earthquake ? Oh, no...’ Dr.Bulma Brief take hold on the table in front of here. The quake stopped and she checked the maschines, but all was ok. Load noises came from outside.
;What the hell...’ A shocked nurse came in. ,They...are fighting...’
‘Who ?’
,One looked like...the Demonlord Piccolo!’
Dr. Briefs dicited to look by herself. By the way to the door, the ground where shaking again. As she open the frontdoor, she saw the chaos outside.
She don’t saw much , because of the dust. Only a load crush , as something was hiting the ground nearby.
As the cloud was slowly disapering, she made out two bodys , one in a deep crater and one in the air over it .
Now she saw that the one on the groung had green skin, like her patient inside, the other spiked blonde hair, but he seemed someone familiar.
This one was now coming down on the green man like an eagle.
‘I will kill you, you bastard!’ He screamed . And she regonized the voice. Dr.Briefs turned around. The young man was not waiting inside anymore. He was...
And the other one must be... She fights to stand on her feet, than the ground was shakeing again. The two where dangerously near the hospital and she fear for her patients.
‘Stop this ! Stop this at once !’ She cryed loud and angry.

It was a good feeling. A good feeling to let it all out. No thinking.
Gohan don’t even care that his contrahent was not fighting back.
He only slowly came back to his sense, as he hear the load voice of the woman.
Stopping the punch and kicks he stepped back. But Piccolo dont move or get up. He was half unconscious,
Like in Trance he looked down at the green blood on his hands and the body before him.
Gohan lost the energy and powered down.
Piccolos Ki was very low , he know that he really nearly had killed him. The power he had feeled was unbelievable.
And now he sense that Piccolo didn’t even begin to try fighting back.
Maybe he had know, that he had no chance . But that was not like him.
He feeled a n other pressence nearby and saw a very angry looking Dr.Briefs coming over.
‘You are...’ Piccolo opened weakly his eyes at this moment.
Gohan immediately steeped in front of the doctor, not sure what he may do.
But Piccolo seemed not to start an attack. It also look like it took him enough enery to stay upright.
Dr. Briefs looked over Gohan’s shoulder.
‘He is the young ones father ?’ Piccolo and Gohan where starring at each other.
‘Um..i think you two clear your ..differents at a other time and place, please.’
She stepped for. ‘I must tell you that it is possible that the young man inside had not much time anymore. ‘ Gohan looked sadly at her. ‘You can’t help him?’
‘I fear...its an wonder that he life that long. Must be his unusually physiology. He had a heart-cardiac insufficiency. A normal human would be simply fall over and be dead.’
She looked down. ‘It only take a little too much stress .’


Gohan followed the doc back to the building , he dont care what Piccolo did anymore. He only react this time, feeling strange in his own body.
Dr.Brief let him and Piccolo came in. ,He only is on life-support now.’ She told them. As they all where around the bed, the boy weakly opened his eyes. He try to say something, but there was the HO 2° mask. The Doc took it from his face. Gohan looked at her, but she shaked her head and he understand. It was no use anymore.
Piccolo lean aganist a wall and spat some blood. Dr. Briefs watched him worried, but his look warned and hold her back.
After all, it was the demonlord, how had caused many pain .
Many people on earth would be -happy- to see him hurt.
“D...addy?” The young man on the bed asked.
Gohan turned his head to Piccolo , who don’t react.
Than he get to the side of the bed, so that he could see him. ‘I’m ...Gohan.’
‘Daddy Gohan!’ He smiled and weakly raise his hand. Gohan took it.
‘I am sorry...’ ‘Why ?’
‘To be,,,,the reason..that you and daddy Piccolo..are mad about each other...I..’
‘No, iT’s not your fault.’ Gohan said. He looked up, because the boy was smiling. Piccolo was standing at the other side of the bed now. Gohan could see that he was hitting his injures as best as he could.
He raised his other hand and Piccolo took it also.
‘Daddy Piccolo...what..is wrong?’ The boy seemed to senes something.
‘It’s nothing serious.’ Piccolo told him .
He gazed at Gohan ‘An accident. I fall over my cape.’
The boy laugh and was breathing heavly.
;I..dont want to make you angry..’ He said than. ‘I know.’ Gohan
Looked at Piccolo.
‘I am not angry with you .’
The boy sigh and stopped to breath, but we both continue to hold his hands for some minutes.


Piccolo left the room without a word.
Dr.Briefs was covering the body. ‘I’m sorry. I couldn’t help him.’
‘You had try. Thank you doc.’ Gohan said and left also.
He meet Piccolo outside again. He throught that it would took him some time to return ‘home’.
Gohan stopped besite him. ‘I’ sorry.’ Piccolo turned around and looked surprised. ‘I think it was good that you where here at last- for the boy...’ Piccolo take a deep breath. ;Maybe..’
He try to fly up.
‘Why did you come ? And why did you not fight back against me?’
Gohan asked.
Piccolo stopped and turned again. ‘I had through about what you had said. And...i know that you too strong and out of controll to fighting against you. ’
Gohan through about it. ‘You don’t care to get killed?’
;Yes.’ ‘Why ?’ , You know why.’ Gohan shake his head.
;Not even our genes are combatible.’ Piccolo whispered.
‘What ?’ , Your are no real human. You have alien blood too.’
Gohan stepped before him.
‘The power...tell me what you now!’ Gohan demanded.
Piccolo smiled weakly.
, You had a tail when you where a kid- do you rememeber?’
,A tail...’ He said thoughfully.
,Yes. But this is not all... ‘ Piccolo take a breath and hold his side. Some of his rips seem to be broken.
Gohan looked at him. ‘Are you ok ? Maybe you go and get a senzu bean and we talk later..’
;No!..no, it’s ok, ..but thanks’ Piccolo said and smiled weakly.
Gohan made a face. ‘I’m not like you..’ He whisperd.
;no...’ Gohan blushed a little.
;No. You don’t remember it, it was a full moon-night when i found you.It was easy.
You had transformed in a giant monkey. A beast out of controll and with great powers.
Not like all people says, I was not the only reason for the heavy descructions on earth.
You make your way to the captial and blow all up on the way...’
Gohan was shocked.
; I only could stopped it when i cut your tail. Then you transformed back in your human form. I...want to kill you than, because of this power. But it was also uesfull...’ He take some breath again.
‘I..read some informations about a alien race. They came from a planet how was destroy by a meteor. Some of them made to earth and have kids, half-breeds like you. But they are all dead no. A virus - whitch attack the heart muscle. ’
‘The heart ?’ Gohan asked shocked.
‘Yes. I remember it to late, when I saw the boy in the morning...’
;So..he got i from my genes...and what about me ?’ Piccolo looked up.
‘ I dont now, but it seem that your ok . The boy was very strong, but with this illness, he had no chance..’
Gohan feeled ok, but it could be that one day, the virus brake out.
‘I really don’t now why the boy had loved you...’ Gohan screamed.
He was not angry anymore, but hurt.
Piccolo smiled. ;his heart may be weak, but pure and big ..’ He fall to his knees. Gohan was shocked . ‘Piccolo ?’
The tall man collapse.


Piccolo waked up in his room at the palace.
;Gohan ?’ Mr. Popo stepped in front of him. ‘He has take you back and is now sleeping. Shall i wake him ?’
‘No!..no, don’t distrub him. ‘ Piccolo hold his head.
‘He cave you a senzu bean.’ Popo said. ‘..but your where hurt badly.’ Piccolo nodded weakly. ‘I know. You could have killed me...’ Popo looked down.
‘It’s ok.’ Piccolo said. Mr. Popo was confused and follow him with his eyes as he leave the room.
‘I must mediate and think about something..’


Gohan found Piccolo some hours later outside the palace in his meditate state.
He slowly open his eyes , as he feeled his pressence.
,Feeling ‘ better ?’ Gohan asked. ‘Yes.’
He was landing on the ground again. ,And you ?’
Gohan made a face. ‘Not really..who’ cares..’ Piccolo hold his gaze. ,I do...’
Gohan don’t know if he was jokeing , but his tone and face was serious.

‘Is it true ?’ He asked. ‘What?’
‘That..your are crying...that day... When we where on earth. The boy told me...’ Gohan feeled stupid to even asked it.
THIS Piccolo he don’t know, he said strange things and was acting like a stranger.
But Gohan asked himself , if the boy had seen something in him , that he had’nt seen all the time.
Piccolo folded his arms over his chest. This gesture was painfully familiar.
;It’s true.’
Gohan hold his breath.
,I said that he was a monster.I was wrong...’ He looked down.
;he even changed you. And me...in his short live.’
‘Gohan..’ Piccolo began. Gohan looked up
, But don’t think i will ever forgive you !’
He cryed .
,I know.’ Piccolo whispered.
‘I’m sorry, but, nothing i say or do...i wished you had killed me. I wanted to die.’
Gohan hold his gaze and was searching for something.
He shake his had attacked Piccolo again who don’t saw it comeing and was fall down like tree. Gohan was over him, catching his wrists and pinning him down.
He was full of emotions, but in controll.
,Yes. You deserve do be killed. I wanted to do it. But it will change nothing. It also will let feel me terrible, because i had some ill feelings for you. But when you do something bad ever again or hurt me or a n other, I WILL kill you , i know now about my power and that i am stronger then you .’
Piccolo looked at him with great eyes. They even getting bigger, as Gohan lean forward and touched his lips.
The kiss gets passionly , but Gohan stopped aprupted and get some air, like Piccolo, how was sitely shakeing under him.
Gohan stand up and let him free.


Piccolo looked confused after him, when Gohan leave . He thought about what he said. Whatever this ‘ill feeling’ where , it was definetly not hate.
He only was sure about, that it was the reason why he was still alive. The reason for his pain.
After more thinking and meditateing, he search for Gohan and found him in the kitchen , eating all that was in there. After all, he seem not to lost his appetit, Piccolo laugh silently.
,Gohan..I have though about something...the Kami of earth , who i catched in the bottle and throw into the deepest spot at the ozean...once had the power of the ‘dragonballs’ how could make all wishes came true..’
Gohan stop eating and looked up. ‘All wishes ?’
,Yes. I can’t created them. But he know about the technic. I do not need it, because it got all what i wanted without it.’ He looked at Gohan. ‘Or throught so once..’
Gohan stand up. ‘Then , why do you wait ? We must free him !”

And so they do it.
It took some time to get the bottle out of the deep sea.
Kami - Sama was really happy to came out of his prison and Gohan was a little shocked when he saw him.
Piccolo told him the story that he was once a part of him.
Mr. Popo was happy to see his old master again, who was more a friend.
Piccolo asked him about the dragonballs, and sayed that he wanted
To wish back all his victims and clear the destruction on earth .
So that the planet could be are peacefull again.
Kami aszepted it. Gohan asked him, if he could wish the boy, their son, back to , but Piccolo sadly looked down. ‘I’m sorry.’ Kami-Piccolo said.
As you told me , he died by an illness. The dragon can only bring people back, how where murdered or killed before the time.
It was his destiny....’
Gohan feeled tears running down his cheeks and he saw some tears in Piccolo’s eyes also. ‘I fear it...but.i'm sorry,Gohan.... He meet Gohan’s eyes. And then, Gohan let piccolo itake in his arms.
Kami watched there embrance.
;Sometimes,’ he throught, ‘ a simple feeling can change so much...’


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