The Sophranos - Saint Valentine's Day Massacre (Alternate Reality)

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Saint Valentine's Day Massacre (Alternate Reality)
By: The Never-Stopping Writer

Chicago, 1928-29

As the turf war between Chicago gangsters escalated, Al Capone, right
hand man of Tony Soprano, became extremely frustrated with his rival,
Bugs Moran. Bugs Moran had been a problem for too long and had
repeatedly struck against the Sopranos. But old man Soprano wouldn't
have him hit. So, he decided to take over, permanently. That meant
getting rid of Soprano. Then, eliminating Moran, as well. He patiently
waited for the right opportunity and when it came, he set up a meeting
with both bosses to negotiate a liquor sale. Even more, the doin'
business on their own respected territories. The victims were unaware
of the hit, especially Soprano. He had trusted Capone like a brother,
a son. Once they received the garage (where the hit originally took
place), Capone received a phone call. He left the three men behind,
Soprano, Moran, and his bodyguard. He had already frisked before the
meeting but figured it wouldn't matter since they were goin' to be
dead anyway. He left the garage and as he did so, a squad car pulled up
to the warehouse. Five men got out, two of 'em dressed as cops.
Figuring that it was a routine bust, the three men did as the officers
ordered, and didn't object to turning around and facin' the wall. As
soon as they did that, though, they were showered with Thompson
Sub-machine guns. Once the victims were "taken care of", the gunmen
left, making the massacre the most spectacular hit in Chicago mob

The End

Disclaimer: I don't own Sopranos. This fic is meant for entertainment
purposes only. Don't sue. As for comments, they are more than welcome!
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